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Disc Filtration System

A disc filter is a type of water filter used primarily in waste water treatment, similar to a screen filter, except that the filter cartridge is made of a number of discs stacked on top of each other like a pile of poker chips. The water passes through the small grooves in between and the impurities are trapped behind. The higher or lower filtration quality, defined this as the higher or lower quantity and size of particles that the filtering element is able to retain, depend on the geometry and size of the channels, the length of these and the number of generated intersection points.

The advantages of disc filters:

  • Increased productivity
  • Extended product life
  • Optimized filtration space with same dimension facilities;
  • Possibility of adapting the filter to existing facilities;
  • Reduction in the frequency of maintenance operations;
  • Increase in tonnage of up to 40% while ensuring a constant humidity level in the filter cake.